The Art of Energetic Healing School

Advanced Courses are available to students who have graduated the one year course.

Our next course commences in 2018. One intensive all day workshop is held quarterly in NYC.

Students are required to interview for the course and sign up for the full year. 

Advanced Course for AEH Alum in NYC and Stone Ridge, NY

Next Course will be offered in 2019 in NYC

  • Deepen your energetic healing practice
  • Receive more powerful activations from the Master Teachers
  • Learn more about the intricacies and connections of the chakras
  • Explore advanced energetic healing theory
  • Become more experienced in spiritual counseling
  • Investigate the healing properties of sound, crystals,
  • essential oils, nutrition, & special sacred substances
  • Amplify your intuition and perception
  • Explore cosmic affairs and metaphysical concepts


Diamond Group NYC 9am-3pm

2019 Jan 26, March 23, May 4, Jul 20, Sep 21, Nov 16  
LOCATION: Balance Arts Center, NYC

Upstate Group 10am-4pm

​2019 Feb 17, Apr 27, Jun 23, Jul 28, Oct 6, Dec 1

LOCATION: Prakruti Center, Stone Ridge, NY


To complete registration, please email Suzy directly about your interest.

The amount is $250 per class. 

You are considered registered for the course when your contract and

payment have been received.