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Suzy Meszoly

Suzy Meszoly in Ireland Spring 2018

Recently Suzy presented a lecture together with Sabrina Washington, AEH Graduate, at the International ADTA Conference in Washington DC. Photo: Una Flynn, October 2016.

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About the

Love Now Movement

The core element of Suzy’s teachings is unconditional love. Suzy resonates this high frequency energy and works with folks to deepen into their own Divine Heart. Suzy explains, “We work with the frequency of Oneness, allowing everything to exist as Divine, allowing all beings to be empowered.” Suzy works with the concepts of duality, judgment and fear and helps us to deepen into our own individual place of inspiration, of Divinity, where these concepts become teachers, and we come into Oneness.

In the Summer of 2013 Suzy launched the global movement “Love Now” to bring people into the awareness of the most important action we can take now on Earth. The movement will be presenting retreats, public actions, and lectures internationally in 2014 and the entire movement is being film and made into a documentary.

Suzy’s experience building an international network within the Soros Foundation in the 1990s and seeing how this network changed the face of the art world in the Eastern Bloc countries has given her background to implementing programs on a large scale. Together with a team of talented, spiritually aligned and enthusiastic people, Suzy is currently developing the next level of this global movement.

“I am so grateful to find you, the radiance from you is a miracle. Reminding me that there is great hope, strength, and blessings all around all of us. Thank you for what you are doing… you have shown me that each one of us is powerful enough.”  ~ Barbara, Maryland, USA.

The Art of Energetic Healing School

Rev. Suzy Meszoly DSH, CHHC, is a spiritual teacher, an energetic healer, intuitive counselor and professional homeopath and certified holistic health counselor. 

Suzy completed the rigorous traditional seven year training in Europe with the great Hungarian healer, Karoly Fodor, as a Reiki Master in the Usui Tibetan method. Originally from Australia she lived in Europe for many years where she was also trained as a counselor in Carl Rogers client-centered therapy. She holds a degree in Education, Fine Arts, from Melbourne University, a diploma in Classical Homeopathy from the New York School of Homeopathy and certificates in herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and polarity therapy and is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchezidek, World Light Fellowship.

During hands-on healing sessions, Suzy works with the resonation of the client addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual triggers of illness and channels Divine Light energy to address integration, healing and emotional balance. She practices classical homeopathy addressing physical, mental and emotional illness in both acute and chronic conditions. 

Suzy Meszoly published her first book in 2011, “Infinite Universe – A Simple Guide For Being Here Now” and has a CD of channeled meditations together with crystal singing bowls played by French sound artist, Philippe Garnier, called “Crystal Clear.” Her next CD entitled “Merkaba & Metatron” was released Dec 21, 2012 and features Suzy playing the Himalayan bowls and channeling Metatron. Her last CD is a meditation CD of Himalayan bowls only, perfect for healing sessions and relaxing. Her newest CD will be released in the Fall of 2015, featuring powerful Himalayan bowls.

Over the years Suzy has enriched her healing practices through studies with Buddhist Lamas, Hindu teachers, herbalists, healers, shamans, channelers and metaphysics teachers in the US, Australia, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Nepal and India. Each year she holds retreats and spiritual tours to some of these countries, Peru and Bolivia, Nepal and Costa Rica. 

Suzy has been channeling the Master Teachers and also teaching workshop classes on the healing arts, the chakra system and spiritual living in New York, Westchester and Woodstock for over fifteen years after moving to the US. 

Previous to her healing work, Suzy worked for 15 years in the international contemporary art world, working 10 years for the Soros Foundation in Eastern Europe, as an executive director and curator. Her first degree in the visual arts and education she received from Melbourne University, after which she attended the Master’s course at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts in Hungary. Suzy now lives in the Catskills with her family.